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Ways to Improve Your Website SEO Ranking

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Having your own website for your small or big business gives you several benefits. One of those is to attract new customers every time― which is only possible if the site is more visible on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. More importantly, the website has to be at the top of search results when a consumer is searching for a specific product or service.

But how can a website position higher?

All you need to have is a concrete search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. To kickstart your SEO approach, use these five fundamental ways to boost your website’s organic search ranking.

Identify Specific Keywords and Phrases

The first step that all content writers in the Philippines should know to enhance an SEO strategy is to determine your target keywords― particularly the main words and phrases that represent the business and its scope. Such keywords are essential in content writing to help the website rank better on search results.

This part is when you have to think how your reader would search for something related to the product or service you’re writing about. You can use keyword research tools such as Google Ads Keyword Planner, Wordtracker, or WordStream in finding keywords or phrases that are most suitable to your target audience.

It is important to note that only one to three keywords are required, and that it is a must to avoid putting too many keywords.

Improve Your On-Page SEO

For starters, on-page SEO (also known as on-site SEO) is the practice of optimizing your website's elements with the target keywords you chose—this way, the site will rank higher in search results and earn more traffic.

After determining the keywords that embody the brand, you have to incorporate them in these six main areas to optimize the web pages: URL structure, title tag, body text, meta description, H1 tag, and Image ALT attribute.

Create Relevant, Authoritative Content

High-quality, reliable content is the number one driving force for your search engine rankings. Therefore, content writing is the most important part in creating a website.

One of the best content to create is a blog, such as a corporate blog, which will make your site look interesting and pertinent to consumers. A corporate blog isn't that different from a normal blog. It acts as an informal, conversational venue where a company can discuss topics with its target audience that are appropriate to its business or the industry to which it belongs.

This process is called blogging for business or business blogging. It is an effective marketing tactic to get your website more online visibility and eventually get you in front of the competition on search engine results.

Master Link-Building Schemes

Backlinks, or “inbound” links (a form of off-page SEO) are another key element that search engines like Google consider when measuring and ranking the quality of your website’s content. In particular, these links are the ones from a different website that point toward your own site. Through these inbound links, any website can become one of the top search results.

There are several ways to earn high-quality backlinks, and that includes the creation of interesting content, disbursement of good infographics, and guest blogging.

Besides attracting backlinks, there’s also the option to add a mix of internal links or outbound links to your blog.

Update Your Content and Images Regularly

Search engine optimization doesn’t end when your website is already up and running, as there’s another important step you need to do—and that’s keeping your site current and up to date. This means you have to republish it with fresh content and images to maintain the relevance and visibility of your brand to consumers.

That said, updating your old blog posts and web content is needed. This can help your website see an increase of 112% in its organic search traffic.

Outsource your content writing requirements to professional content writers in the Philippines. At NGS, our mission is to help your business promote your products and services through quality content marketing. We help clients reach out to their target market through the power of written content. Contact us, and let’s discuss how meaningful content can help your business.


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