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Tips for Writing Compelling Facebook Posts

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Today, the social media revolution has given brands an infinite amount of opportunities. Now more than ever, businesses can reach potential customers from every corner of the world.

However, to stand out from a plethora of digital ads, you need to create meaningful Facebook posts that will capture your target market. Aside from the images, you must be really good at weaving the right words that will communicate your value proposition.

Here are some tips for writing your Facebook posts that can boost customer engagement for your business page.

Never be afraid to ask questions

Questions are a great way to interact and engage with your followers. It is best to ask closed-ended questions as open-ended questions may be a bit difficult to understand, or may require some fact-based answers.

Keep it short and snappy

Always keep in mind that you are competing with so many Facebook pages and people. People often just skim through long posts. So if you want to effectively get your message across, aim for short, brief and catchy captions. Try to capture your target audience’s attention in just 80-160 characters.

Include call-to-actions

If you’re writing for business, always place a the call-to-action (CTA). This is the part of your post where you say what you want your followers to do, whether it’s to visit your website or make use of a discount code. Make sure that you include in your CTA all relevant information like your website, email ad, contact number or link to your online shop.

Give valuable information

To make your Facebook page loved by many, go beyond just sharing ads. Go beyond just inviting people to buy your product or hire you for your services. Share posts that will bring value to their life. Create a diverse content plan that includes posts that will help your followers in their personal life. If you’re a baby brand, give parenting tips for new parents. If you’re selling home products, create posts that will give your followers home design inspiration.

Given these tips, content writing for Facebook isn’t as difficult as some people think. Compared to traditional ads, it’s a more personal way to communicate with your customers and followers. However, Facebook content writing requires creativity and time. Dedicate a few hours a week to create Facebook posts for your audience.

To save you time, you can outsource your social media content writing to experienced freelance content writers in the Philippines. At NGS, we have a team of writers who are competent and committed to deliver the content writing requirements of your business. Contact us now.


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